Monday, July 26, 2010

Has it almost been a year?

Well, in the last day I've received two invites to view blogs and it's motivated me to post pictures of the past year that has flown by so quick.

Since my last post in October 2009...

November 2009 - Thanksgiving
December 2009- Christmas Pictures
January 2010 - Sledding in Utah
February 2010 - Happy 1st Birthday Scarlet!
March 2010 - Kaden loved playing t-ball.
April 2010 - Easter
May 2010 - Tide Pools in Palos Verdes
June 2010 - Ashlyn's First Dance Recital
July 2010 - This is what they look like now...
Ashlyn and Scarlet at California Adventure Park
Kaden & Vaughn were fortunate to go to the All Star Game in Anaheim.
Notice his Dodgers shirt & Angels hat?
We told him this is probably the only time he can get away with it;-)
It's been a very busy year but so much fun. If I could freeze time I would do it right now & keep them this little forever. It's lots of work but never ever can we get these times back. We are really really enjoying it.
Kaden is almost 6 and eats, sleeps & breathes baseball. He loves to play baseball, watch games, read stats, make-believes and role plays game scenarios with specific players. On the off chance he's not absorbed with baseball he's absorbed with Star Wars. He finished Kindergarten this year and loved it.
Ashlyn is almost 4 and she is very into riding bikes, playing with itsy bitsy teeny tiny toys, playing dinosaurs, playing with Cars the movie cars, and swinging on the swings. She also amuses her brother by playing lots of baseball & playing with Star Wars figures. She plays dolls with Scarlet & reads books to whoever will listen. She's a great story teller & our movie junkie.
Scarlet is 17 months and is ALWAYS on the go. She is such a busy body & quite a conversationalist. She is hilarious and is very into babies, books, food & whatever her siblings are doing. She doesn't ever want to be left out & must be where all the action is. She's a tough cookie and it's a good thing because she is the most active & accident prone child we have.
Hopefully I'll post again before 2011...

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stephanie said...

so fun to see your family's past year! that's a great way to play catch up! you guys look great. those kids of yours are so stinking cute!!! :)